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3 different philosophies, all of which are taylormaid to our customer’s desires.

The Open

Smelling humidity and the rain, changing gears and going to high revs, feeling the wind, listening to the fantastic engine music on a night drive, being alert to the smell of grass, deep forests, Provence pine trees or pure air of the Alps, listening to opera when getting close to destination… Here are some of the numerous small pleasures the Open is offering.

The Coupe

Truly refined, discreet with the use of the most sophisticated fabrics and technology, the Coupe offers the best setting for intense and ultimate drives such as the most comfortable daily use.

The Safari

The Safari is a no-compromise and no-limit car ready to tackle sandy dunes, icy grounds, dirt roads, gravels and chic city districts. Installed in an elevated narrow-body classic shape, this unique creation will drive you to the end of the world with all comfort and high performances, adapted to the playground!