Body of the future

Diva’s preparations are fitted with a full carbon narrow body. The preg carbon used is the same technology and process than for the Formula 1 or LMP1 competition cars. The result weights from 1.100kgs.

Thin body protection

In order to make the bodywork as sexy as possible, they’re surrounded and protected by new shock absorbing bumpers, finer than the originals.

On the Safari, the car is even more surrounded by a leather belt when for the Open, a specific piece has been created to join the rear glass to the body and make it more elegant …

Signature pieces

Such as for the rear, the front indicators have been redesigned to integrate the ventilation grille, with no visible screw to be as pure as possible.

Those pieces can be finished in chrome, nickel, or gold.

One piece only!

To make the design very pure, we’ve recreated a Signature piece by integrating the rear bumper with the lights and indicators. This piece of chrome, as a jewel, avoids to show any screw…

Unique ray of light

From the front to the rear, we’ve redesigned the ray of light to avoid any interruption!

That’s our single signature. To realise that, the whole car has been enlarged by few centimetres while the car keeps being an elegant narrow body!

17’ inches original Fuchs

When the past meets the future, it comes with special 8×17” and 9×17” wheels directly crafted by Fuchs, such as on the original classic cars.

Gutters removal

On the Coupé, the gutters have been removed in order to refine the design and make it as pure as possible.


Every chassis goes through a cataphoretic process in order to deeply clean it. Thereafter it will go to the Carbon steps and painting.

Engine design

If every single piece of our work is important, the engine is the heart! To make it unique and cool down the temperature, we use a ceramic painting, used on military weapons.

Designed by Tristan Auer

All our creations are unique and specifically made by, for and with our Owners. Each interior is designed by Tristan Auer, one the most famous French and international interior designer, using the most exclusive fabrics and materials.

Specific Speedos

To stick to authenticity, we’ve found the specialist who acquired years ago the Porsche specific printers to Porsche. We’ve then redone the authentic speedos and integrated our special needs and requirements (ESP, vmax etc.). Design, colours etc. are then perfectly authentic!

Steering wheel and gear knob

According to the 917 gear, they have been specifically created with the help of Motolita, using very specific wood essences. Owners can choose leathers items, according to their interior.

High end sound system

Even if the best sound comes from the rear, it’s a pleasure to enjoy music in a Diva. Thanks to the world-famous company Focal, based on their ultimate high-end components, a unique sound system integrating the newest technology has been integrated specially for the Diva.

Magic Diva button

A specificity of the Diva is the electronic management system, with its different programs, to set up the car such as the mucky drivers want to. You can choose between four different modes (Street, Sport, Race and Snow). Additional gravel program fits the Safari.

Safari elements

Like in any car dedicated to driving till the end of the world, our Safaris integrate many gadgets in order to make every adventure as safe and fun as possible! The car then becomes a 2 seaters car.

Signature dashboard

Our dashboard has been redesigned as a signature element of our creations by integrating the air-conditioning vents behind our famous straw dashboard.

Comfort elements

All modern comfort elements are integrated, including electric and ventilated seats, automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth technology etc.

Dedicated luggage set

Such as for every interior, a set of luggage can be designed with the same materials according to the interior choices.

2wd / 4wd

Security and pleasure are not antithetical! You can chose to drive a 2wd drive to stick to authenticity or decide to more securely drive a 4wd.

Specific brakes inspired by competition

To ensure you drive with a maximum security and efficiency, we use very large 4 calipers brakes provided by the renowned Brembo specialist. We fit 332mm disks and specific competition pads (on demand).

4.0l or 4.2l Air Cooled engine

To guarantee that you can easily use daily our lovely creation, based on our historical knowledges of Porsches’ prototypes and F1 engines, we’ve designed a very specific engine with high torque, toping up from 380 to 420hp and between 440 and 470Nm of torque. Whether you drive in the city or race on a track, you’ll discover the combination of exciting pleasure and high-end performances with maximum reliability! And to ensure a heat control in the engine compartment, we’re using ceramic coating for the engine and the exhaust as used in the military industry.

Active sport exhaust system

You love to hear your Diva engine! We’ve created with Scart, one of the most famous manufacturers, a specific active exhaust system. If you can cruise quietly in the city, you can also unleash the fury such as if you were at Le Mans!


Driving daylight is cool! But the excitement of the car could push you not to stop too soon and continue enjoying your car by night. For your safety, we’ve built with Hella some specific headlights using the latest LED technologies. Safari creations get additional laser lights

Magic Diva Button

Such as in a modern Porsche, we’ve redesigned an integrated PASM. Thanks to Motec ECU, you’ll be able to set your car as you want by choosing between 4 modes: Street, Sport, Race and Snow & Gravel. It will automatically adjust electronic, exhaust, traction control, launch control etc. And to make it even funnier, we’ve integrated a Track control and a Launch control!

Other equipment

Modern A/C system, electric power seats, premium Hifi by Focal Utopia, electric sunroof and all modern security features.

Safari creations can get additional specific equipment including winch, pneumatic inflator, special beacon, extra chassis protections…

Handling like the best

The running gears (suspensions, springs, wheels) have been redesigned to handle properly your car such as the most recent racing Porsches. Thanks to Bilstein, we’ve developed specific suspensions with 10 different positions. Of course, all our elements used are TUV certificated. And of course, all parts are mounted with uniball!

Safari creations get specific suspensions to allow driving under any conditions (snow, forest, sand) and specific tyres provided by BF Goodrich

Carbon front splitter

In order to create a kind of ground effect, we’ve designed a very specific front splitter to avoid air turbulences on the front wheels.