Team Diva

Before anything else, Ateliers Diva is based on a truly experimented and passionate team with racing addicted people, that have dedicated their whole lives to Automobile, composed by 2 generations of classic car racers and collectors.

Not only they’ve been racing and maintaining some of the most famous legendary models, but they’ve also developed a deep knowledge and taste for elegance and car tailoring.

Whatever if it’s to design our creations or to imagine the next future of the engine, brakes, gearbox and electronics, Experience and Passion guides us.

Keen enthusiast, they are also genuinely nice guys always willing to share their passion. So the only reason you may want to leave our ateliers is for a drive.

"So the only reason you may want to leave our Ateliers is for a drive."

—Team Diva

"Even better?Absolutely!"

—Sébastien Crubilé


Sébastien Crubilé

Keen driver, forever enthusiast… he has worked in the family workshop from a very young age to prepare, fine tune and optimize the most legendary historic race cars.

Add to this a real driving ability that led him to compete in the most challenging historic races in the World and you get an idea of why he keeps smiling when getting behind the wheel of Ateliers Diva preparations.


Hermidas Atabeyki

As a renowned designer, Hermidas has founded D3 Studio, the most prestigious French studio to design prototypes.

His knowledges and skills has highly contributed to design our famous Diva with her narrow body but still allowing to use competition parts to manage the powerful engine.

"Subtle carbon narrow body lines with a 400hp engine… YES !"

—Hermidas Atabeyki

"70's elegance and state of the art technology."

—Tristan Auer


Tristan Auer

Tristan Auer is one of the new-generation leading interior designers. From rock-star houses to his latest achievement, the Rosewood Crillon hotel, Tristan cumulates a love for French heritage which he translates into modernity, excellence in craft and a strong attention to details.

As a true car enthusiast, he launched his new car tailoring activity in Maison & Objet 2017 where he got promoted designer of the year.

After a Ferrari 308GT4 and the Crillon DS, he immersed quickly in the ATELIERS DIVA for a project combining great refinement and state of the art technology.


The Anonymous Gentleman Driver

Behind Ateliers Diva lies a gentleman driver who has raced the most legendary models. His dream was to get the ultimate vintage ride that he would drive to the full on track and then head back home with good music.

A car that he would happily drive in France without being exhausted, a car that would give him an instant smile and ultimate pleasure. A classic car that his kids or wife could drive whatever the weather or road conditions, a car that would not mind sit for hours in traffic jams or being driven to his favourite ski resort. A car that only those who know would notice. Discreet, narrow-body, elegant, fast, refined… were some of the words that came to mind.

Some of his close friends decided they wanted the same car.

You won’t know his name, but you may thank him one day for making his dreams yours and real.

"A car that only those who know would notice."

—The Anonymous Gentleman Driver