Unique specs for unique cars


Stylish cars can be fast.

Our cars are based on air-cooled Porsche 964 both in 2WD or 4WD, which are either sourced by us or provided by our clients. We disassemble the cars and treat them with the best available techniques in UK and France.

We assemble our carbon-body in France and prepare our engines in-house with the best engineers coming from Renault F1 and Crubile Sports Team. Our engines come in 4.0l or 4.2l specs with 400hp and will receive a 5 speed gearbox (6 speeds for the 4WD cars).

We have driven our prototype for 15 K+ miles in all conditions from city life to track days and came with unique specs such as special-size Fuchs wheels, a“magic”button for snow & gravel, rain, race and street driving positions… and many more specs.

Magic Diva Button

Such as in a modern Porsche, we’ve redesigned an integrated a PASM. Thanks to MotecECU, you’ll be able to set your car as you want by choosing between 4 modes : Street, Sport, Race and Snow & Gravel. It will automatically adjust electronic, exhaust, traction control, launch control etc.

Modern Equipment

We want you enjoy your car in every condition. You’ll then take advantage of a modern A/C system, electric power seats, premium Hi-Fi by Focal Utopia, electric sunroof and all modern security features. The Safari creations get additional specific equipment in order to go with you till the end of the world (winch, pneumatic inflator, special beacon, extra chassis protections…)


Driving daylight is cool! But the excitement of the car could push you not to stop too soon and continue enjoying your car by night. Then we’ve built with Hella some specific headlights using the latest LED technologies. The Safari creations get additional LED lights.

Handling like the Best

The running gears (suspensions, springs, wheels) have been redesigned to handle properly your car such as the recent racing Porsches. Thanks to Bilstein, we’ve developed specific suspensions to allow you playing with your 400hp car while driving safely in any circumstances. And of course, you can easily set-up your own suspensions regarding the way to want to drive! The Safari creations get specific suspensions to allow driving under any conditions (snow, forest, sand) and specific tyres provided by well renowned BF Goodrich.

Specific Brakes Inspired by Competition

To insure you with a maximum security and efficiency, we use very large 4 calipersbrakes provided by the renowned Brembo specialist. We fit 332mm disks…

4.0 or 4.2L Air Cooled Engine

To guarantee that you can easily use daily your lovely creation, based on our historical knowledges with Porsches’ prototypes and F1 engine designing, we’ve designed a very specific engine with high torque, toping up to 400hp and more than 470Nm of torque. Whatever if you drive in the city or race on a track, you’ll discover the combination of exciting pleasure and high end performances with a maximum of reliability!

2WD / 4WD

Security and pleasure are not antithetical! You can chose to drive a 2WD drive to stick to authenticity or decide to more securely drive a 4WD.

Active Sport Exhaust System

Because you love to hear your 4.2L engine, we’ve created with a very famous manufacturer a specific active system. If you can cruise quietly in the city, you can also unleash the fury such as if you were at Le Mans!

A unique expertise

Ateliers Diva cars are fuelled by our expertise and passion for excellence and performance developed in the last 30 years of racing Porsches competition prototypes.

A unique expertise

Ateliers Diva cars are fuelled by our expertise and passion for excellence and performance developed in the last 30 years of racing Porsches competition prototypes.


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